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For Her: Ask Rhonda Some Basement Questions
Asbestos Abatement
Questions about asbestos in your home
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Basement Dehumidifiers
The proper dehumidfier in your basement can insure a true comfortable environment
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Last Post: my Basement
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my Basement
by Vettori
Basement Drainage
Draining water from around or under your basement is the basis of waterproofing and it needs to be done right
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Basement Egress Doors
Below ground doors require special attention to avoid leakage
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Basement Egress Windows
An improper below-ground window can be a constant headache
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Basement Finishing
There are many options to basement finishing or remodeling
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Last Post: my Basement
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my Basement
Basement Flooring Systems
What types of flooring are best suited for a basement?
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Basement / Garage Floor Coating
Basement floors do not need to be finished in the traditional sense -floor coatings are a cost-effective option
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Basement Insulation
What are the insulations options for a basement?
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Basement Lighting
Basement lighting requires special consideraions. Learn what they are
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Concrete Crack Repair
There are many ways to fix a concrete crack - some better than others, some temporary, some permanent
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Crawl Space
A damp crawl space can cause an unhealthy home
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Do-It Yourself
Discussions of do it yourself projects. If you have the time and talent, we can help you accomplish your goals
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Last Post: Rod Hole Leaks
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Richard Perry
Rod Hole Leaks
Drain Tile
Draining water from around your home and foundation is critical
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That white chaulky stuff is an indication of water seapage and degrading concrete
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Emergency Sump Pumps
When that storm hits and you lse power, your sump pump will not work
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Flood Cleanup
Cleaning up after a flood can cause structural damage if not done properly
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We have been flooded
Flood Insurance
Even if you don't live in a flood prone area, insurance may be a wise investment
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Foundation Maintenance
Like any structure, your foundation requires maintenance
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Last Post: Basement Upgrade
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Basement Upgrade
Foundation Waterproofing
Waterproofing your foundation will prolong the health of your home and aid in keeping your basement dry
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water in basement after a thaw
by pmusto
Glass Block Windows
Glass block windows provide lighting and privacy
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Grading and Soil
Grading your soil so that water flows away from your foundation is critical to maintaining a dry basement and foundation stability
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Hardwood Flooring for Basements
Yes, there are hardwood floors suitable for installation in basements
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Home Warranties
Do you have appropriate and adequate insurances and warranties?
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InfraRed Thermography
InfraRed Thermography provides valuable information regarding moisture assessments, remediation oversights, energy audits, roof and electrical system inspections, and water damage investigations.
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Iron Bacteria
That red color in your pipes is caused by iron bateria that can eventually clog your pipes
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Insulated Concrete Forms
insulated concrete forms reduce energy consumption and costs by over 50 percent when used to construct exterior walls and foundations.
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Subjects that do not fit in any of the categories defined below
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Waterproof Paint Issues
Mold Abatement
Mold can be unhealthy, contribute to allergies, household odors, and deterioration of your homes structure
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Mold Resistant Trim
There are alternatives to conventional trim that support and promote mold growth
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Piering Foundation Repair
Piering may be necessary to properly level a fopundation
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Slab-on-Grade Foundation and Soil Saturation
by Guest
Pest Control
Pests, including insects, rodents, snakes, etc., love to live in unfinished crawl spaces
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Post Enclosures
Those obtrusive and unsightly posts can be made attractive with a variety of available enclosures
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Learn how to detect and remediate radon gas in your home
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DIY radon mitigation
Repairing Bowed Walls
Bowed foundation or basement walls can be stabilized before permanent damage and foundation failure results
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Last Post: Walls Bowing
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Walls Bowing
Residential Engineering Services
Engineering services are often required when dealing with foundation problems to insure the repair is done properly
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Street Creep
Street Creep, also called Concrete Creep, occurs as a result of the unpredictable movement, shift and expansion of concrete streets.
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Sump Pumps
Having the right sump pump can be the difference between a dry and wet basement
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Last Post: Slab undermining
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Down 2 earth
Slab undermining
Window Wells
With the growing livable basement trend, window wells are serving more purposes than just holding back dirt. They are an escape route for your little ones or a beautiful view from the basement family room.
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Window Wells Rising Up
by BigS43
Radiant Floor Heating
Basement floor radiant heating systems are designed to heat a concrete slab, using it to conduct heat that is absorbed by the basement surroundings.
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Last Post: What type of Floor
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What type of Floor
by Guest