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Can someone solve this mystery??

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  • Can someone solve this mystery??

    So I am buying this house, that has a basement. It is finished but I have noticed it has these huge concrete shelves that are along some of the walls? The come out 4' and are 4" high. As you can see this takes up a ton of floor space. On one corner this large slab was poured at an angle, taking up even more space?
    What are these and why did someone build these there?

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    Hello Graysonship
    This sounds like what is referred as a Michigan basement in our area. What this is: Your house was originally built as a crawl space foundation. Then it was dug deeper to create a useable basement. These shelves are supporting your original footers.

    If you are interested in reformatting you will need to contact a foundation company to support home remove and rebuild foundation very costly but has been done. If you would like to attach pictures you can but this sounds to be the situation.

    Best wishes Rhonda


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      I agree with the post above. It seems like the shelves are supporting the original footer. But in case if you want to remove it, you should definitely contact the foundation company or some other experts as it will involve enormous things of considerations which should not be avoided.
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