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  • Drain clogging issues...

    We live in an apartment building in Vancouver. It is an old building that we regularly face some issues with drain clogging. We hired a maintenance guy to check out the issue but that was of no use. He suggested installing a hair catcher to trap the hairs that fall in the shower. Even then it clogs up. It becomes a great burden to us.

    We bought a cheap drano/liquid plumber from the store and poured it down the drain. It worked for a moment but again back to the state. I noticed that the knockoff is based on the hydrochloric acid rather than that common sodium hydroxide.

    Does the regular pouring of the HCL cause the pipe break? Do we need to call any drain cleaning service providers to fix the issue? Iím worried if he opens the trap and a bunch of acid coming at him. How much water do I need to pour the drain to flush out the HCL content present in the drain?
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    I would recommend hiring a company with a video camera to go into drain and find where the problem is. Possible that there is a problem in the line somewhere that is causing the problem. As to flushing out the chemicals I really can not answer how long to run water.


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      A professional company with a license know how to solve drainage issue.


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        What else can be better than hiring a professional plumber to solve this issue.