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Water Leak From Interior Wall?

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  • Water Leak From Interior Wall?

    Hello , I just found out that water is leaking from an interior cinder block wall that dissects my basement the the long way of my house. The curious thing is that the very bottom cinder blocks on all exterior walls are full blocks but on the interior wall only the top half of cinder block is showing. Why would the be set lower than the outer blocks? Anyway, after a heavy rain last year I went down and searched for leaks and noticed that where the water was pooled on the floor corresponded to where water was leaking from the interior wall about 1-2 feet up the wall. How in the heck does this happen. Obviously the cavities in the blocks were filled up with water. I know this because initially the holes and water leaking were barely visible so I picked at one of the holes a few times and the water started pouring out from the interior wall. My question I guess is how does water get inside the blocks of an interior wall? Also, are the interior wall blocks set lower because they poured the footings around them? What's going on? Please help. Thank you.

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    Hello Cameron Yes that sounds strange. Do you have pictures you could send? you can either attach or email direct at