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Basement drainage project

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  • Basement drainage project

    I am in the middle of a basement redo and am looking for some advice. I have dug out the old floor, removed 8" of soil and stone, dug my trenches and put in the filter fabric, pea gravel and drain tile.

    I am using the old septic ductile iron 4" pipe as my discharge point. This went to a barrel and then to daylight, so it's no big deal to take it over and I'm putting in a whole new septic system too.

    My questions are as follows;

    1 - Should I use a crock to have an access point in the house, even though I am using only gravity to discharge the water.

    2 - If I use a crock, how do you seal it well enough to hold water. It seems if you don't used something like silicone or an adhesive to seal the inlet and outlet on the crock or you will have a point that leaks.

    3 - I'm assuming I can use a Fernco fitting to grab the iron pipe and switch over to a 4" DWV pipe that will be the discharge of the crock.

    I would appreciate anybody with drainage experience to give me some input.

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    Yes, and thank you.

    If you read point #1, you will see that I've already pointed that out. What I wanted to know was should I still put a crock in to have interior access should the drainage system require service. Is service of this type system really necessary???


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