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unknown substance on floor

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  • unknown substance on floor

    There is a weird blueish grey greasy substance on the basement floor under my well storage tank. I called the Flotec customer service number but they have no idea what this is from. There are no oily or greasy parts to the tank. Does anyone have any idea or suggestions on what to do? or who to call? It actually has a pleasant an aftershave...chemical smell of sort. Not mold or pooled on the floor in a 15" x 6"!

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    the house was built in 1974. Not to my knowledge on the oil tank, and the gas line comes into the house in the other side of the house. As far as humidity, I have a dehumidifier running in the other end in the crawlspace. I had a drainage system installed last year that goes around the perimeter but grease or oil used, its plastic and sits on the footers and is buried in concrete. it is a mystery!