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help needed sealing basement leak

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  • help needed sealing basement leak

    I recently moved into a home that was built in 1942 and had no leakage problems in the basement up until now. The problem occurred when the basement was compromised to add a new window in what would become the 4th bedroom. After a 2" rainfall, the basement flooded. After the drywall under the new window was removed it was obvious that the water had come in through the cuts made to accomodate the window. We made some changes to the landscaping, added a french drain around the window well and put a sump pump inside the window well. However, after another big rain (it is oregon after all ), there was some small leakage through some of the cuts in the basement. My contractor came in and sealed the cuts from the inside with a concrete patch. It now appears that the water will not be coming in through the cuts in the concrete, but my concern is what happens to the water that makes it into the foundation up to the patch. It is obviously not making it into the house but where does it go? Will it eventually damage my foundation? The problem with sealing it from the outside is that the cuts in the foundation are covered from the outside by another slab of concrete which was poured up against the existing foundation to form the well for the window that was added.

    What do I do? Is the patch from the inside good enough?

    Thank you