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    I have started to finish my basement in the house. I have poured walls, I took the pink foam insulation and put that up then i built my walls i put plastic inbetween the 2x4 wall and the foam insulation. And now i get like a condensation that comes down to the floor and builds puddles. What should I do to stop this so I can finsih the basement with carpet and not worry about the carpet getting wrecked? I only notice it during the winter. Thank you

    I aslo have a question on some windows i have in the house as well. I have a long eve that comes off the house and i have a some windows that have water that drips from the top of the window to the bottom of the window. I can not find any way that the water is getting into the top? Any suggestion's will be great. Thank you

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    Wet Floor

    The moisture barrier should not be against the wall. It will trap moisture.
    Possibly you can find a way to force some air behind the wall from above the ceiling?


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      water at top of windows

      Water can wick up into wood framing, particle board and plywood. It can then travel along the media a good distance and present at another location.
      I suggest you pull off some drywall above the window and look for clues.