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Basement crack and holes problem but no significant leak...

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  • Basement crack and holes problem but no significant leak...


    My house was built in 1998 and I moved in this house in 2001. The previous owner had basement leak problem in one of the side (vertical crack), which he had fixed with sorta epoxy injection. So the fix was done before I moved in and ever since then the spot where fixed with epoxy never caused any more problem.

    But the problem started somewhere else. "Floor".

    The floor started cracking with hairline crack and now it runs from one of the wall to the opposite wall. It gradually has grown to be like that. Right now the widest section seems around 1/6~1/5 inch but it is all the way from one side of wall to the other side (almost crossing my whole floor of basement. Interesting is there is no leak from the floor with such long crack. Should I worry even though there is no leak? Can I finish the basement with such long narrow crack on the floor? Or should I inject epoxy etc to the "floor" also?

    Another issue is that there is sort of wholes in my basement walls. The builder sprayed powerly stuff so it doesn't show in normal day, but it shows where there is heavy rain-fall as a wet-spot. I forked it with stick, then, the powerly stuff collapsed and I found holes.. the diameter of holes is about a 1/2~3/4inch, I can stick my pointing-finger in... I found a few of such holes in one side of wall. Since when there is heavy rain, this "hole" is causing moisture problem, I was going to plug it with either polyurethane or epoxy.. Can I? By the way, what are these holes for?

    Thank you in advance.