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Adding Lighting To A Finished Basement

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  • Adding Lighting To A Finished Basement

    Here's two great tips if you're looking to add lighting to your finished basement:

    1. French Doors -- connect your basement to the living space upstairs by installing a glass-paned French door at the top of the staircase. This will bring in light from upstairs and conceptually link the basement to the living space upstairs, as you're not shut in.

    2. Aquariums -- A well-lit, planted aquarium will bring in light, life, and activity that is very rare otherwise in a finished basement. It's a fantastic way to make the downstairs feel more light the upstairs.

    Egress windows are also a cool idea, although you can expect to spend thousands on just one. They have nice ones nowadays that you can even plant with a small terraced garden.
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    Great useful tips shared by you..!!
    It will really help everyone out here who are working on finishing of their basments..!!
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