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leaky cracks on block walls

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  • leaky cracks on block walls

    how do you repair cracks in block walls from the inside?

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    I think it is just water leak


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      Leaking Cracks in Block Walls

      Well you could re-tuck point with an epoxy base mortar.

      However, block walls are hollow. This means that water from outside will fill hollow core and settle inside walls.

      For block foundation leaks the options are: Exterior excavation sealing wall and replacing draintile.

      Or Interior draintiles to direct water into a sump and pump water out. There are several varieties of interior systems available. From on the floor to under the floor methods.


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        repair cracked walls

        Cement block walls once cracked will move in and out during the year due to seasonal changes in moisture levels in the soil. Often over the years this crack tends to get larger as the wall slowly begins moving inward. I think you need to look into stabilizing this wall and looking into the cause of cracking. Grading maybe?


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          leaky cracks on block walls

          One of my relative told me about the polyurethane injection process and according to him it's the best way to leaky cracks.


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            How to repair cracked walls from the inside

            In the case of concrete block which is cracked...the best permanent repair from the inside which can be effected without excavation would be utilizing Fortress carbon fiber grid straps. Installed from floor to ceiling, these straps are permanently attached to the wall with a special structural epoxy. The straps will not stretch and they will not come off the wall. Once tuckpointed, the wall cannot move in or outward. These carbon straps can also be anchored at the bottom block for additional shear resistance with Fortress carbon fiber staples. In case there are no top wall connections installed by the home builder top wall necktie anchors are also available.
            If it is a solid concrete wall the cracks can be cleaned out and then injected with a polyurethane foam, then the wall crack should be stabilized with staples.
            This is a proven cutting edge repair in the marketplace for over 1 years.


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              Hello glen123

              There has always been a heated debate over polyurethane vs. epoxy injection

              They are both designed for somewhat different purposes. Epoxy for structural repair of concrete and polyurethane as a compressive seal to stop water infiltration.

              Many good contractors will employ both for each unique situation.