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Designed-In pipe holes in crawlspace foundation?

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  • Designed-In pipe holes in crawlspace foundation?

    Crawlspace foundation question:

    We recently discovered two holes in our crawlspace foundation walls. We have a large, 3 story house. On opposite sides of the foundation walls, at ground level are these holes. Each hole is perfectly round and would perfectly fit a piece of 2 inch ABS pipe. It appears that the holes were made around pieces of pipe when the concrete for the foundation walls was originally poured in 1989. To be clear, these pipe-holes are horizontal and pass completely through each foundation wall. Oddly, we do not see these holes shown in the (otherwise complete) foundation blueprints for the house. The builder and the architect are dead/retired/unreachable and might not remember anyway if we could somehow find them to ask. Why are these holes there? Of course, the one on the uphill side of the house admits massive amounts of water into the crawlspace under the house when it rains hard, and both holes give easy access to rats and skunks, both of which we have had problems with. What is the purpose of these pipe-holes? Comments? Ideas?