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DIY: Mitigate Water in Crawlspace. . .

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  • DIY: Mitigate Water in Crawlspace. . .

    I need to mitigate the water that is coming into my crawlspace. I have done this type of work in my teens and twenties. The problem I have is select the correct products and perform the correct actions.

    I have a house that is 1 year old (New House). I have water getting into the crawlspace and I believe I can prevent it/control it by catching the water and diverting it before it gets to the crawlspace. Should I install some kind of drain tile along the foundation wall on top of the footing, next to the footing OR below the footing? OR should I install drain tile about 1/2/3 feet away from the foundation/footing.

    And what products should I use? Vendors, models, etc.?

    I have discovered that the quality of products vary. It seem like the home improvement stores sell the lower quality products to the unsuspecting home owner. But maybe that is a good as it gets.

    I hope this enough information to get started.


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    Hello Fluffycone

    Generally the draintile is placed next to the footing. There are several suppliers for these products or

    They carry full line of tiles and sump pumps if you are excavating and installing on exterior I would also recommend a moisture barrier product.