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Carbon Fiber for a DIYer?

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  • Carbon Fiber for a DIYer?

    New to forum, first post.

    1966 home, purchased 8 years ago. Prepping basement floor for new carpet, I discovered rotten wood framing and a horizontal crack behind finished basement wall. The crack itself is 1/4" wide, wall is bowed in 1" or less off plumb. Would like to stop wall from further movement. My area is clay with less than ideal drainage and sees seasonal extremes, hot, cold, wet and dry. About 2/3 of my foundation (cement block) was rebuilt 15 years ago, but not this wall.
    Seems a candidate for Carbon Fiber reinforcement but concerned about cost.

    I have a supply of West System Epoxy and related products, been using the stuff for wood and glass boat repairs for many years.

    Question is, can I get advice on the right type of mesh cloth and the procedure needed to do this repair myself?

    Or would a DIYer be better off using steel beams anchored to floor and joists? I would need Five, 2x4x3/16 wall, rectangular box tubes placed on 20 to 28" centers at a total cost of $350 or so.

    Thanks for reading, appreciate any discussion or advice.

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    Welcome to the Forum. Am also new here.