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We have been flooded

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  • We have been flooded

    We had a flood in our region, our basement turned into a pool.

    We have to repair the concrete floor and a bowed wall. What to do? and how? Thanks

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    If basement is flooded high (3 or 4 ft) pump water out very slowly, as the water level is equal on the exterior/outside of foundation causing more pressure than normal which can cause more bowing damage.

    Pump water as far away from foundation as possible. After water resides contact insurance company etc as pressure from flooding may have contributed to damage.

    Repair options should be discussed based on future use of basement and possibility of future flooding. Repair should include back up/battery sump pumps should power fail etc.


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      Flooding is the worst

      I used to live on the East Coast and every summer we would get heavy rain which would lead to my basement getting flooded. It was never anything serious. Usually under an inch. I would use a shop-vac to suck up all the water. It was hassle, but cheaper than calling a flood cleanup company. If it is serious I would recommend contacting a water damage company though, you do not want to play around with 12 inches of water!