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  • basement waterproofing

    My basement floods constantly whe it rains, i've been told i have a wood foundation, not sure we've not dug it up YET! Our home is post and bean and was sold to us with a finished basement, carper and all and told there was no problem with flooding. Since then I have learned from one of my daughter's friends, who also knew the previous owner's son and visited frequently that the basement always floode and they referred to it as the swimming pool. we bought the house during a drought from a Christian real estate agent, yeah right and have had massive problems. I just went on line and read about a product called Sani-Tred an indoor waterproofing system with a lifetime warranty, i wondered if any of you had heard of it and what your opinion was of the product

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    My experience with the (Sani-tread) product has been more than satisfactory. My problem was when outside humidity levels
    were high, the garage floor became wet as moisture was forced up through the floor. Their customer customer service was very helpful explaining exactly why the problem occured and how to solve the problem. Thus far, no wet garage floor!

    Also- my daughter recently purchased a 50 year old home with a leaky basement, and got estimates from local contractors to correct the problem ranging from 7-10 thousand. At this point she's contacted the company concerning their particular situation
    and got very knowledgable information and material estimates
    at around $700.

    I'd suggest you call the company about your problem -you'll
    get straight answers if anything.