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Vapor penetration after waterproofing

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  • Vapor penetration after waterproofing

    I recently had a family room in my house waterproofed with interior perimeter drains under the concrete. The family room is slightly below grade and sits on a slab with cinder block (partial) walls. The room is separated from my garage by a wall with a cinder block base. The waterproofing salesperson said that I did not need to put in drainage along this separating wall because it is an interior wall, however, there is some evidence of efflorescence on that wall.

    Outside of the house the ground water usually flows in the direction from the garage to the family room. Since the garage entrance is in the back of the house, the actual direction of flow is backyard->driveway->garage->family room.

    Since the waterproofing has been done, I have not had a problem with liquid water, but there is still water vapor penetrating the slab. I have confirmed this by taping down plastic and oberving the darkening of the floor.

    I believe this vapor penetration is NOT normal and should have been prevented by the drains. I am thinking that the ground water is running under the driveway, under the garage slab, and is probably streaming right under the family room, generating vapor into the room. I am thinking that interior drains along the garage wall would lower the water level and prevent the vapor penetration. Please let me know if I am correct.