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  • Basement

    What products can you advise for waterproofing house foundation? I'm building my house and want to be sure that it won't be ruined by groun water and other stuff

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    I recommend you to make Foundation Coating that will do everything to protect your house from external destroyers. I used it myself and I still had no problems with basement. Strong as steal.


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      Does this last for a lifetime of the house too? I'm looking for something that I'm also not going to have to worry about ever.


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        Coatings should be applied to the exterior of walls not the interior. In our experience a foundation wall should be allowed to breathe. If water is trapped inside block foundations, salts and other chemicals from the groundwater will attack the silica of mortar as well as poured concrete walls.


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          Before using any product you must consult it with waterproofing contractor so that you will have the best product to be used for coating home foundation.


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            Waterproofing your home is really important. It has two primary functions, the first is to stop water from entering the house, and the second is permanently stop foundation erosion and degradation.

            Foundation waterproofing is an effective way to prevent future water damage to important personal items and most importantly prevents growth and development of various mold and fungi which may be harmful to your health.

            I recently did waterproofing for my home and I recommend you do the same.
            Hope this was helpful.