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Inside or Outside Waterproofing

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  • Inside or Outside Waterproofing

    I am currently reviewing estimates for basement waterproofing from members of your group.

    My home is a block basement under a home built in the 1920's. I am getting water in from the areas where the walls meet the floor. Otherwise I am getting water in from one area but in general I have a general water issues.

    The debate is what system to get done. Interior or Exterior Waterproofing. The interior guys are promoting inside drain tiles devertied to a sump pump area. You know the exterior system.

    My main concern is with the interior system using the existing blocks as a type of filter. Water coming from the outside and going threw the block to the drain tile in the inside of the house. WILL THIS CAUSE ANY LONG TERM DAMAGE TO THE FOOTING AND/OR THE BOTTOM BLOCKS WHERE THEY DRILL THE HOLES?? I AM CONCERNED THAT THE DAMAGED WALLS AND FOOTINGS WILL BE DAMAGED MORE.

    Could you lend some professional advice as to what are the cause and effects of interior waterproofing compared to exterior waterproofing? You could use my contacts below. You can reference email or web site info also.

    Thanks you in advance...Great web site...I will be using one of your contractors.

    Sam Buffa
    5060 St. Clair Highway
    China Township, MI 48054
    Cell 586-201-1908
    Home 810-326-1822