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unknown water source in 1896 basement

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  • unknown water source in 1896 basement

    We purchased our 1896 Victorian 5 1/2 years ago here in MO. In that time, we have replaced a couple of short walls and shored up some other areas. This done by a local concrete contractor, who has been in the business for 50 years. He put up a wall, and fitted it with a drain in it to allow water to come through a spot that always has water flowing through it when it rains. The water is coming from an unknown source. Having replaced our wrap around porch just two years ago and finding it absolutely dry underneath where this water logically would have come from, it is bewildering, especially now that we have fixed the hole that was being washed through the brick foundation with the concrete partial wall only to find it has created a new inlet beyond it's old spot and is now coming in through the dirt that is supporting the rest of that brick wall! It absolutely thumbed it's nose at the new drain. The new inlet it has created has dirt piled against it, but the concern is there that the existing brick wall above it will gradually want to sag. To add insult to injury, there is another water issue in this same basement. It seems a regular canal was created, the source completely unknown, that channels through (and under ground) in the dirt part of the basement floor and floods when it rains. We have it trained to a sump pump, but it still creates a goodly amount of moisture in the basement. This too occurs only when it rains. The assumption is that this canal was created to fill an old well under the basement steps. The well no longer exists, but the water still comes in when it rains! The previous owner of 35 years said he never did figure out the source. Patrolling the perimeter of the house reveals nothing. We are concerned that if we plug it up, it may do more damage somewhere else.

    FYI: This is a 3 story Victorian with a wrap around porch on 2 sides. These are the sides that the water seems to be coming in from. As mentioned, we completely replaced the porch 2 years ago and it was dry as a bone underneath.

    Any ideas?

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    Thanks for the response. It sounds like we may just have to live with it then.

    I appreciate your input.