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leaky cracks on block walls

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  • leaky cracks on block walls

    how do you repair cracks in block walls from the inside?

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    I think it is just water leak


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      Leaking Cracks in Block Walls

      Well you could re-tuck point with an epoxy base mortar.

      However, block walls are hollow. This means that water from outside will fill hollow core and settle inside walls.

      For block foundation leaks the options are: Exterior excavation sealing wall and replacing draintile.

      Or Interior draintiles to direct water into a sump and pump water out. There are several varieties of interior systems available. From on the floor to under the floor methods.


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        Concrete and steel method

        Concrete and steel method is great for vertical cracks through CB walls.

        - Open 2 CB cells at the top course, one on each side of the verticle crack (do the top course from the outside; it's a lot easier to pour the concrete waist high when filling the wall later)
        - Open 2 CB cells at the bottom course on the inside, one on both sides of the vertical crack.
        - Flush mud out of wall if mud is present, so there is a clear path for the re-bar to go to the footing.
        - Install 3/8"-1/2" re-bar down to the footing.
        -Lath and patch bottom holes with Hydraulic cement.
        -Fill wall from outside with wet mix of concrete.
        -patch outside holes.