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Continuous Basement leak

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  • Continuous Basement leak


    I have a strange situation. I have a poured foundation basement and have a small leak (on the order of a glass every 30min) about 3 feet down from the top of the wall / 5 feet from the basement floor.
    It leaks continuously 24 x 7 regardless of rain or days of dry weather and has been leaking for a very long time.
    It's no where near where the main water line comes in or sewage line goes out.
    There's no spigot nearby.
    The sprinkler systems are still off with the water line to that closed.
    There's no window there and there is no leak anywhere else inside the house.
    It's no where near where the sump pump discharges (which runs about 5x /day).
    On the outside of the house where the leak is a poured concrete porch.
    There are proper downspouts that direct rain water away from the house.

    We tried to stop it from the inside with epoxy, injected polyurethane foam but it persists.

    Any ideas of what it could be / how it can be stopped ?
    Should it be stopped - i.e. will it cause other problems if I do end up eliminating it.
    Can it be the main water line is making a right turn out of our house going by that area there and then turning out to the street, and that part is leaking ?
    (I measured and I think we have at least 90psi).

    Thank you,