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water in basement after a thaw

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  • water in basement after a thaw

    I am a total newbie to forums. Pls. pardon any oversights.
    I have noticed a small amount of water at the junction of the wall with the floor in my basement especially after a thaw following a significant snowfall. It dries up in the next couple of days and it is about 15 feet from my sump pump which works very well.
    It is a new house built 6 years ago and this problem has started this year(at least the first time i noticed it). I asked the builder who has said it is a minor problem and should not have long term consequences.
    Should I be worried or forget about this?

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    Water after thaw

    First off no do not ignore.

    I have a few questions for you:

    Is the foundation block, masonry or poured concrete? Is there sand or mud in the water on floor? Is there sand, mud, rusty color or smell coming from sump crock??

    Is there a rusty color on concrete wall or floors? Are there any cracks?

    Looking forward to your reply I know this is alot of questions but will help us determine why water is coming in.

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      Thanks for the quick reply.
      The foundation is poured concrete.
      No mud or sand in the water. No rusty color. No cracks.
      Sump pit looks clean except for some mould.


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        First time water

        OK so this being the first time you noticed and no apparent cracks.

        Also this being a new home; when does your warranty from builder run out? please make sure you have documentation of reporting this to him in writing even an email works very well. Once you make sure you have notations on this then you can monitor the situation and make note when this happens.

        I am a little worried about the mold in sump crock.....few reasons could be contributing to that as well.

        Few reasons for water in a new home:

        If you have a brick ledge fascade home the snow melt may have gotten into the spacing and came down. If drain tiles are not laid with a proper pitch some water may build up in that one spot. Possible small crack in poured concrete wall.

        Next time it rains make sure you go check the basement. See if any other areas or just this one. See if water comes down the wall or is just at the bottom.

        Looking forward to your next post...

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          PC foundations

          Check the PC wall seems and metal tie rods for leaking. A lot of the time there are hairline cracks hidden in the PC wall seams. Urethane injection works very well for these.

          Is your wall covered with insulation?