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radon sealer for basement moisture

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  • radon sealer for basement moisture

    Are radon sealer products as effective at reducing moisture levels in the basement (new construction) as manufacturers indicate?
    I am looking for a product to reduce the moisture coming through the cement to avoid mold and mildew problems we are having.
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    Redon Sealer/ Basement Moisture?

    Although a radon sealer will close the pours in the concrete wall - most basement moisture is caused from condensation caused by high humidity. I would recommend a Basement Enviroment Company do a condensation test and also visit your home and record the relative humidity in the basement.

    In addition to sealing the walls you may need to do some other things to control the basement moisture. Call our office at 1-800-649-6140 if you wish to set up a free written estimate, at Pioneer Basement we perform those services at no charge to the consumer. Hope this helps . SteveA