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Water in Bsmt-1st Time in 50yrs

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  • Water in Bsmt-1st Time in 50yrs

    Two weeks ago my basement was flooded with rainwater for the first time in its 50-yr history. The rainfall leading up to the flooding was not exceptional.

    The only thing different about things this year is, this past summer I had my side sewer line replaced. The excavated area outside the foundation matches up with the general area where the water entered the basement.

    I discussed this with the sewer line contractor, and he said it is possible the excavation created this problem, due to the change in soil composition. The area used to drain, but now it holds water and the water finds its way through the foundation.

    What can I do to get things back to the way they were before the sewer line replacement? I'm desperate, don't even know who to call or ask. I think I need an expert. Any suggestions?