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Water Seeping through Glass Block Windows

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  • Water Seeping through Glass Block Windows

    I'm looking for suggestions on how to correct water seeping through the frame of my basement glass block windows casement. The middle window in which you open and close for air/ventilation is allowing water to come through whenever there is heavy rain. How can fix this. Already tried sealing but water continues to come through from the corners of each side. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    Leaks in glass block windows

    I just had new glass block windows installed in my basement and within the first week I had water seaping in from all three windows. There was a heavy rain and thunderstorm so I went to check on the windows and I saw that all the mortar around the glass blocks were soaked on the inside and I even had water dripping down the inside of the from the top of the glass block. Can anyone tell me what the problem could possibly be? and maybe some solutions? I had older glass block windows there before that needed to be replaced but even they didn't have water leaking in through the mortar.

    My house is all brick and there is a 1/2 or so brick ledge.

    I did have the guys that put them in come back out but all they did was add more mortar around the outside of the glass blocks. They told me they installed them correctly and did not understand why this was happening. One of the gentleman suggested that the water was coming in from a different location. But if thats true, why did this not happen with my old glass block windows?