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    I just tore down my 30' x 40' shed to build a 40' x 60' garage. I am going to put in a concrete pad but after I got the old structure tore down and leveled it. There are two spots that are about 20' x 20' wide that are bouncy when walked on. My question is since the soil was dry for so many years did that affect it's ability to pack right?

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    So you are saying the soil is bouncy? was there a concrete floor in the old shed? Yes dry soil will set differently as well as foot traffic on this dry area making some areas pack and others not where benches etc were. Is the soil made up of clay or sand?
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      No there was no concrete pad. It was just a pole barn. It is clay well it has a black layer about 8-10 inches deep and then clay from there on.


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        It would be good to use welded wire in the slab.