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clay based soil for grading

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  • clay based soil for grading

    I have water in my basement and will try to solve it with grading. I was told to use clay based soil but i can not find it. I found clay. Can I use it instead? If not can I mix clay with soil? What proportions? Thank you

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    clay based soil for grading and water control

    If you can't find a clay to add to your soil put a little more "grade" into your grading. If the soil is sandy the water will pass through quickly enough. If it is a sandy loam or "thicker" the water will soak in somewhat... but with a slightly steeper grade the water is going to follow the laws of gravity. You may find you won't need any clay.


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      Water is seeping into my basement through the wall under one of the egress windows. Three years ago, I regraded the soil and the problem was solved. Currently. we are experiencing daily downpours and water is beginning to seep in through the wall again. What type of soil is recommended for regrading?


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        Hello ZTW with water seeping in during heavy downpours. This may not be something that you can fix by simply grading. The area under the egress window may need to be repaired. Possible seal at window and wall or just too much water for the draintile to handle. I would seek professional inspection.