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Major iron bacteria problem in sump

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    Hi everyone.
    This is my first posting. I to have a major problem with Iron bacteria. My house is only 12 years old. I have been dealing with this problem the last 10 years.
    I think the grate drain system is my only option to.I would love to talk to Mrez about the System that he put in. If he could contact me I would really appreciate


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      I have a basement where the iron ocre laced water percolated through the floor, due to clogging one of the drain pipes. I've had contractor's out and they all state that it can't be snaked but I find that hard to believe. (they all want to sell me a sump system). I surmise that if I can snake the pipe and then maintain it with Oxi-Clean periodically, I might be ok.

      Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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        As you can see from the posts Iron Ochre is in the outside soil and will be a constant maintenance issue. Adding more cleanouts and yes snaking can help but will also need chemicals to help the sump pump and lines removing the red slime.


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          So, many years later - gave up on the stenner pump. I would love to try something that regularly adds a small dose of iron out for me, but metered powder dosing mechanisms are too expensive. In the meantime -
          I have found Zoeller pumps to be the absolute best pump available. I use the manual model N53 with an external switch. I use the Pro series USC3 switch. no problems. I just had one of the zoeller pumps seize on me. It ran 6 years at 15 second intervals. That's not bad- it equals roughly 126,144,000 cycles. when it seized it sounded an alarm and the second zoeller which had sat idle for 6 years kicked on and started pumping without a hitch. I have a replacement zoeller on the way.

          As for the iron bacteria - I found a nifty way of cleaning the pipes really good. It does involve some work. I have a decent pressure washer. I bought a 100 foot sewer jet hose from (you can read how it works on the site). It pulled itself through the pipes and the iron bacteria didnt stand a chance. left the pipes extremely clean. Still not a cure. I have to do this once a year in addition to the iron out, but it cleans the underground pipes, and the sump discharge lines. I have cleanouts every 50 feet but i dont need all of them as i have a 100 ft hose.

          the sewer jetter really helps with getting back to square one cleanliness wise. the iron out just helps maintain


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            I too had the same problem but periodic cleaning with chemicals fixed my issue. I think it helps a lot if my problem was quite similar to yours.