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Major iron bacteria problem in sump

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    Morning all. I just stumbled upon this now 4 year old thread. I had a grate system installed Nov 2018 and everything appears to be working grate. We had the system cleaned yesterday and the tech mentioned we should do twice a year instead of annually. I am going to start tossing in the powdery oxiclean on a monthly basis to see how it maintains it. We just had the basement finished off so i am going to be crazy about staying on top of it.

    Thanks for all the tips!


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      I don't think you're crazy....the way you worded the "tossing in the powdery oxiclean" makes me think you'll drop powder in the port holes...make sure you make the milky soapy solution first then pour it in. My thoughts on this is that it can't hurt if you do have iron bacteria. If you don't, then I would just flush it out with regular water 1-2 a year or before the "big storm"


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        Trying to get any updates on this thread and people’s luck with any of the additive remedies. We haven’t done much of anything to keep our waterproofing system clean and it got so bad this year with all of the rain here in Michigan that our basement is a nightmare. I started with the Oxiclean last night. The bad thing is that we only have one access point other than the sump pit and floor drain. Anyone ever heard of a Clog Hog? We are considering buying one. About how long until you see progress with drainage?


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          I feel for everyone with this problem. The only way to really handle the problem of Iron Ochre is to have an special type of interior drain system installed using PVC with large holes and large gravel. Putting several cleanouts into the stone area. Blasting the cleanouts once a month. You can use a clog hog to pressure water the system yes.