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  • Foundation crack


    I have some financial problems at my home.

    I have been noticing some wet areas in my basement for a few months now. I neglected it thinking it won't get worse. But today morning all the clothes in my laundry room was wet and I found a big crack on the foundation. I have no idea what to do as I don't have enough money to pay a foundation repair contractor.

    Please suggest me something that I can do to repair it before it gets more worse. Do you know any foundation repair company that offers cheap but effective service?
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    Is this a poured or block foundation? Messi John


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      You provided extremely little amount of information that needs to be stated in your case. Your problem in general can depend on many occasions taking place in your accomodation. I've been working for a long time on building mulitiple-deck buildings and I can definitely say that the technology of the building process matters a lot - your builders could have one or several serious miscarriages whilst working in the basement. Steel couplers are the necessary details of making the frame of the building as they allow make the concrete more dense and leakproof. Many impressive building projects have the technology of strengthening that allows them last longer. is the credential of the company I have a direct ratio to. I hope this can help you to make up your mind.
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