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Will covering damp walls cause mold

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  • Will covering damp walls cause mold

    hi--thanks for providing this forum.

    we're installing a sump pump and covered drain around the perimiter of our basement. it has poured concrete walls dating back to 1925. we don't intend to put up interior walls -- just prep and paint the concrete. the walls have moisture in them and efflourescence but we really only get water once or twice a year when the ground is super-saturated (that said, we're on a hillside in clay soil, and have had a few years of drought, sow ho knows what will pop out of the walls in the future...)

    one company suggested we put their plastic sheets over the walls. i asked about mold growing behind the plastic and the salesman said it wouldn't because mold won't grow without organic material and they'll caulk the edges to keep it clean, but my intuition is that we're still taking a big chance with mold.

    1. is mold a problem behind plastic coverings like this?
    2. what can we coat the wall with on the inside that will help with moisture and appearance? we're already digging around the foundation and spot-treating spalling and cracks (on our own, b/c we can't afford full excavation).

    thanks for any help you can provide.

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    = ) Mold growth is a major problem, which thousands of people are experiencing due to a number of factors. Mold takes root partly due to poor workmanship, a limited understanding of the dynamics of water and water vapor movement, and lack of adequate training for builders.
    = ) To stop mold growth, your builder must be well educated and be able to demonstrate a knowledge of how to use modern building materials in such a way that water does not condense within wall cavities and attic spaces.
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      I agree with you that in order to stop the growth of mold while doing contruction of a building, ask the contractor to use high quality materials so that it doesn't condense at all. Also, you can seek help from mold removal companies for that issue.