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Mold problems with wet concrete

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  • Mold problems with wet concrete

    I would like to know what problems a person could expect when you pump out a basement that has had water in it for many years. How long will it take to dry out the concrete and will there be mold issues or other heath problems that could come from the water? Is there there any treatment that would be good to put on the concrete after it is empty? How long should I expect for the concrete to be copletely dry to where I can treat it?
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    There are two important things to remember about mold: prevent it by doing things right the first time and when you do face mold, take care of it immediately. Ensuring that your warranty team follows a process for mold remediation will take care of the latter.
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      mold damage

      Whenever I decide I am going to do a new construction problem I always bring in a mold inspection company. I would rather pay a few hundred dollars up front and have the peace of mind that there is no mold than have to worry about it through the entire project.