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Basement waterproofing problem

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  • Basement waterproofing problem

    I have been getting water in my basement over the past 4 months, not only when it rains but also I will sometimes find a puddle on the floor when it is dry outside. I have had 2 waterproofing companies llok at it and they both told me that I will need a french drain. The only problem is that I have had termites under the foundation before. I have termite traps all around the house but I am worried that digging a trench in the concrete for the drain may aggravate the termite problem.. Does anyone know anything about this ? I also do not know which company to go with. I am leaning toward AM Shield in Albertson, NY versus American Mold Remediators in Lynbrook, NY. Does anyone have any experience with either company? Any info. would be greatly appreciated. Fran V.

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    Digging a trench will probably upset the termites. It may be a good idea to schedule in pest control at the same time as waterproofing repair.

    The NAWSRC has had no complaints with AM Watersheild. I have no knowledge of the other company.


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      The termite traps are actually termite bait stations....They can be gently pulled out of the ground and out back after the work is done-I'd call the company to get their OK first.. If it were a liquid barrier then yes you would be harming the barrier-PS. You are doing the termite company a favor by trying to eliminate the moisture..termites need it and are a little less likely to hang around if you dry it up.

      If you need any additional info I've written an article on termites.Just an info site.Not selling anything.Hope it helps.


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        Traps won't be a problem

        The 'traps' you have around your home are termite bait stations. They can be moved or taken out in situations like yours and put back without hindering the process of termite control.(well not for long anyway) Just call the company first so you don't void any warranty. Let em know what you're doing and they'll probably Thank You for getting the moisture problem fixed. If anything promotes termites it's excess moisture. Here's a link to an articl I've written on termites.Just good info nothing to sell. Hope it helps.