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    Not too swift on pc but need help. Have 1930's little 960sq.ft. house with very low crawl space with duct work underneath. Discovered the wood sill plate (?) is rotten possibly from old termite damage &/or moisture. Have termite contract back in the 1980's so no current activity. Can this be repaired & how? Not sure who to contact,etc. Limited budget so in a panic!
    Thanks in advance for any help from lil ole lady. Carla

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    Hi Carla.

    First things first. Just because you have a termite contract from the 80's doesn't necessarily mean that you don't have termites now. That was 15 to 20 years ago. If you haven't done so already, have the termite company confirm that there are no active infestations.

    Second. It's important to try to distinguish between rot and termite damage. With rot, you have to address water/moisture issues that are causing the rot, and it seldom extends very far to the interior unless you have some very serious water problems. Termites, however, can reach far into the home, and can do serious damage to floor and wall framing. Once you have a termite company verify whether or not termites exist, your best bet is to get a licensed structural engineer to review the conditions to help determine the extent and severity of the damage, and help you come up with an appropriate solution for your problem. Depending on what part of Maryland you're in, we may be able to help you in that regard. Please feel free to call us at 301.416.8555 if you'd like further information.


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      Probabbly Old damage

      Use to do quite a bit of termite work in your neck of the woods,,,It could be old damage true. In that time period they were still using chlordane and actually pressure impregnating the wood with it. Call a local pro & see what they say. Also it gets complicated for repairs like that. Sometimes they need to jack up the house a bit to put new beams in. Termites are a lengthy subject so I'll link you to an article about them. My first guess from what little info you shared is that it is probabbly old damage.

      Good Luck


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        Hi carla, i met with the same situation and worrying about how to control this shit. later I contacted pest control services they give me a great idea to solve this. You can contact them through their web page. Hope you will get rid of wood sill plate.