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  • Foundation/STructure QUestion

    We live in a condominium consisting of 8 units. Over a year ago one of the residents complained about a crack in the wall. THe mgmt company at the time had a concrete company come in and do "lift" to the slab is what we were told. 6 months later on the south end of the building all of a sudden they are doing something called piering. DUring this time we had requested the entire building be inspected as we were experiencing cracks in outside walls, inside walls, floors, etc. SInce the work was done on the one end of the building - the damage on our end of the building has increased. A general review conducted by a privately contracted engineer indicates potential horizontal shifting. THe building sits on a hill, on the end of a lake. WE have lost several feed of shoreline, have seen muskrats and is over 30 years old - apparently built on some type of fill. ANy recommendations on what questions we should be asking, now that they have decided to finally hire an engineer themselves to survey the situation. The 4 units on our end of the building all all severe shifting in doors, some do not even shut, cracks in the slabs of our floor, corners cracking in walls, as well as diagonal cracks in walls, etc.