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a slanting foundation

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  • a slanting foundation

    We are looking at purchasing a new home, and just had it inspected. It's apparent inside the home that one side of the house which consists of the living room & an upstairs bedroom slants downward .. you can visibly see it in the ceiling slope & the feel that the floor sinks down. The home sits on a large pretty level lot, although it does sit in the "valley" of the property... although it is just slight. built in 1940. The home inspector says it's apparent the house has already been jacked up and the foundation fixed on that side at one time..he said it was repoured and then had cement blocks put on top of that. There's no apparent cracks in the walls and windows/doors actually do sit level and close fine from what we saw. We are guessing that the slant was fixed at one time but has continued to slant downwards after being repaired once. I guess we are wondering how big this problem is, or how much negotiation power we will have with the sellers on this issue. Our real estate agent is advising that it may be more of a cosmetic issue and not a structural issue with the house.
    thank you.