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  • Foundation Repair Systems

    I have a foundation problem and I am contacting Foundation Repair Companies and the systems used by these companies are: cable-lock, NASSA and bell bottom systems. Which of these systems are best and why?

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    Foundation repair

    You may also want to consider the Level Lift system. It consists of a zinv coated stel bar about 1-3/4" square with a helical "point" which driven into the ground with a hydraulic motor until the torque necessary to turn the bar reaches a level which is translated to be that the end of this pier won't move due to the weight of the house. This pier may require being driven some twenty feet into the ground. I think a similar system is use to hold supporting cables for telephone poles. On the affected end of my house the contractor said that these piers should be driven every three feet of foundation. I had this done about four or five years and athe fioundation doesn't seem to moved since. My problem is that the slab floats between the foundation edges and apparently there was sigificant settling to the extent that cracks about one inch wide appeared in the slab and some of the crack edges have dropped or have risen almost an inch relative to each other. I put a six foottd by two foot wide fench drain that part of the house affected in order to hopefully stabilize the ground under the slab. I think that the slab has stopped settling , but I'm not sure. Any ideas?