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1 1/2" Lateral Movement

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  • 1 1/2" Lateral Movement

    The house that I recently bought had some lateral movement in the amount of 1 1/2" inwards. The previous homeowner had steel U beams installed but the top bracing is bowing and has cracked the floor joist.

    I have had 4 contractors come out now and 2 have suggested tiebacks and two have suggested adding more u beams in. So I'm at a lost of what to do or where to go. I did notice however that one contractor is apart of this organization.

    So does tiebacks, not deadman wall, work better than the u beam? I also need to correct some drainage and was wondering if a french drain would be suffiecient and how deep it should be buried? I have 8 foot basement walls and the ground level is about 6" below the top of the basement walls.

    I want to get this fixed and the right way is the way I want to go even if it cost more. The u beams cost around $2000, I haven't heard back from the tieback contractors but someone told me roughly $6000. Well that is a $4000 difference. So which is better and has a proven track record for stoping the wall movement?

    The U beams supports say that the tieback will only move in the ground and that the wall will countinue to move. On the flip side the tieback supports say that the u beams don;t work because they are relying on the floor joist to hold, which my fialed and split. So I think the tiebacks are sounding better but I need an unbias opinion coming from someone who is going to make money if I chooose them. SOmetimes the only way to get the truth is through free opinion rather than being sold an idea to help them pocket some money.


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    Bowing Foundation Walls

    Well, tie backs and steel beams have pros and cons.

    The steel I-beam is only as strong as the top connection/floor joist. If the top connection is engineered properly it should carry loads on a 6 ft backfill of about 500 psi (pounds per square inch) load 16 inches on center which will be carried to joist.

    Tie backs if installed properly also will do the required job they have adjustments for creeping of soil.

    Search the web for bowing foundation walls. There is alot of information out there.


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