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Slab undermining

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  • Slab undermining

    My sub slab french drain sump had a mechanical failure during seasonal high water. Numerous cracks were created before the seams began contributing meaningful water. Flooding was underway when I was able to get a plumber to drop in pumps. It took 8 hours to get the level to drop and during this time the water entering the sump had turned and for hours stayed cloudy. Historically the sump water was only clear. He thinks I may have been pumping small particulates from below the gravel under the slab. He is concerned that the sump pump failure caused a significant volume under hydrostatic pressure that may cause an undermining of my slab. Which he worries could become a serious problem.

    The external french drain flowed higher than normal but not at the volume of the sub slab french drain.

    Does anyone have some insights?