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    I am a new member to this site and find it very informative. I live in Michigan where I have a poured basement filled with holes everywhere. Had a few estimates and received bids varied from 5,600.00 to 11,000.00 for drain tile installs. Decided I just couldn't handle the cost. I however, learned from one of the contractors that these holes were made by the builder of the basement. They used the holes as support for the walls when they made the basement. Then, they remove them leaving these holes everywhere. They attempted to cover them with cement. After much research and the desire to see if I could fix it myself, I did find a product that is made for this particular issue. I ordered them and put them in myself. It was easy and really fast. I learned about the method of doing it myself from their video on line. So, anyway, I ended up with 182 holes in my basement and did it myself for under 1100.00 dollars. I thought it was a good product and I'm sure others have this problem too. The product is called a trx compressed swell plug and I found it here.

    Great product and easy to use!