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  • Walls Bowing

    2 weeks after moving in one of our basement walls cracked horizontally above the soil line along the middle of the window frames. The crack opened up abut 1/4" and then a few weeks later closed. We've had 2 contractors come out to take a look.

    The first only looked at the one wall even when I mentioned some stair stepping and such on other walls. He wanted to fix the bow with an anchor before the crack opened again. He did not think the other walls needed to be fully inspected.

    The second checked all our walls inside and out and noted that we had bowing and cracking on all walls. He wants to put I-beams every 5 feet all the way around.

    The wall with the horizontal crack (which is still closed 6 months later) is bowed in 1/2". The worst wall is at 1 1/4". Both these are the long walls. The two short walls are at 3/4" and 1". We have large trees in front and back of the house. The short wall with the 1" bow is the garage side and cannot be accessed from outside.

    I've read all your post on this topic and realize that we are still within the safety factor of tolerance but don't understand what that means for level of bad. I'm just a confused and stressed homeowner who feels like we just got the money pit. If we can only afford to fix one wall, which do we choose?

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